A Sky Wide Open

Although the night is dark

I see a sky all wide open

Not covered

By the blinding light

The hidden night

Of the sun


The sea stretches out

Towards a grand horizon

While travelling

Through waves

I see

No source

No shore

No bounds


Can you believe?

In a sky all wide open?


If you take apart the smallest things

Inside those things, there's everything

No start of things

No end of things

Between all things there's more than beyond the stars

While beyond the stars

Lies a sky that's all wide open


Can you believe?

In a sky all wide open?


All Rights Reserved !!!! Ó 2015 RawProductions

Commentary: A song about infinity. Have you ever noticed that when it dark outside you can see so much farther? all the way up to the stars. And there is more between each of the infinite things than in the infinite universe, does that make sense? Not mathematically, or at least to the math purist. But then again, mathematics does not deal well with infinity (or zero for that matter). The idea of infinity is the idea of the divine.