Blondes In Black Cars

Blondes in black cars

Redheads in heat

Blacks from the back

With butts you just can't beat

Brunettes are true pets

So clean and so neat

The Asian persuasion

Sweet and petite

Latino lolitas

Voluptuous beauties

East Indian cuties

And auburn haired floozies


Blondes in black cars

Redheads in heat

The Daughters Of Wisdom

The strong at their feet

Black hearted ladies

Alone in the street

Preyed on by preachers

Picked up by pimps

A place for the candy

Thatís not quite as sweet

As those Asian liaisons

By chance that we meet

Johns and prophets

With gold in their pockets

And talented quicksilver tongues

Sowing their seed

To all that will see

Impregnating women

With their spirit and their vision


The Daughters Of Wisdom

A brand new religion

Teaching the children

The eloquence of the wave



All Rights Reserved !!!! Ó 2015 Alan Robert Wright

Commentary: The Muse