Blown Away


People sprawling, crawling

From the mid-lands and the east

My Mother Earth, lies beneath this foreign carpet

waiting for the dawn to grow

But metal machines come crawling on theyíre bellies

People hide inside

Apart from the outside

Those isolating iron islands ionize the air between us,


 interacting souls

The Wind Blows Cold


Mother Earth is calling me

In Her soft soothing voice

"Canít you see all the beauty, while Iím holding you",

"and canít you feel my healing touch?"

Father Sky is crying through the valleys,

Heís trying hard to tell us

The filth from our follies

Growing up

Burning a hole in the home that will shelter us

 from the storms

Hear Them Blow


Nahasasn, oamah

Yahuiquil, azehe, aquill

Shichai, Shichai, Shichai


Grandfather's Spirit calls up to me

"Feel real land beneath thy feet!!!!"

"You canít believe, and cannot hear a word Iím saying"

"if all youíre livings on concrete"

"Or the Daughter Earth may lay to the west"

"The Father Sun stretching shadows as he sets"

"Ihaya oamah nahasda

It All Blows Away

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Commentary: The New Ancient Wisdom ( a gift)