Cosmic Dust


Cosmic Dust <.........................................> tsuD cimsoC


The falling rain,

 flickers on the road and flows together

 to form pathways

 swerving down gutters

 away from what it was made.


The unbonded mist disperses

 above the well where water pours

 in torrents

 from the gutters

 by the pathways

 that leads us on in crowds of cultural surroundings

 avoiding dense but dispersed attitudes of which we are made.


The clouds fall with increasing size

 and decreasing weight

 until the layers of reality

 are undetermined

 due to all being one

 and nothing is seen

 but shining sparkles

 coming and going

 so quick that they may not be seen

 but sensed

so it tingles the feelings

and mingles the beings

 that flow together

 with no reason to avoid

 until the one being is like void

 though it exists in my mind

 like fantasy!!!!!!


Always in the air is a bird from paradise

Flying, high and wide in a shade of blue

All around the world on a wave of happiness

Look up in the air or it might pass you.




Written around 1977 as an exercise, sitting at the UofW hub watching everybody leave class on a rainy day.

All Rights Reserved !!!! Ó 2015 RawProductions