Do you think she would be finer

If you could refine her

Run her through the grinder

Tie her down and bind her

Or do you think you would be wiser

If you didn't deny her

Let her be the one to find her

That's if you didn't mind her

But I'm sure you'd like to ride her

Grinding deep inside her

Nothing would be finer

But are you sure it would be kinder

For what of the climber

Always sailing higher

Where fate is never decided

Would you always be beside her

. . .

I've come to a realization baby

Come to a realization baby

I've come to a realization, over you

I know we are gonna make it baby

Know we are gonna make it baby

I know we are gonna make it me and you

You see me walking down the street

You say, "There's a guy I'd like to meet"

Don't you know, that isn't me

Searching for the greener grass

The greenest pastures, I have past

But forever the movement, will always last

I ain't gonna try to fake it baby

But before we make it baby

This song is a justification

For loving you


I hope the r-rated line in this doesn't offend anyone. I wrote this as a young man searching for my soul mate and long before I met her.

All Rights Reserved !!!! Ó 1998 RawProductions