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In the calm before the storm

there was rites and celebrations

For all had been done,

it was the end of all their toiling

They slept through their days in darkness

And flew through their nights for light


The essence of their beginning

was the end that they’d been seeking

All their questions had been answered

and no answers were ever questioned

Their light was man made fire

No power to help things grow


"Touch and feel and learn"

"Only what’s dead will burn"

"Like logs lying in a lake of laziness"

"A stagnant pool of fools"

"The river that you have forgotten"

"Will fall from the skies soon"

The rain that fell

laid waste to all around them

And they cried in their hell

as their fate overcame them

"Won’t you come to the light with me", he said

"Won’t you come to the light with me"


In the boat that he built

of all that was living

He was raised too a mountain

by the ever flowing river

And the light he received from heaven

Was his right to live and to love

All Rights Reserved !!!! Ó 2015 RawProductions

Commentary: The 'older' Sumerian version of the flood story has the gods creating the flood because mankind was making too much noise. Stories change meaning and this is my modern version of the flood story, one of change.