Poets and Heroes

I believe that I was sleeping,

dreaming of a book Iím reading

When a man came seeking,

to have a word with me

But as he spoke,

I couldnít quite hear what he was saying

Only when I woke, a notion in my mind

Science and philosophy

religion and society

All began and all will end in dreams

So I spent the next day reading,

dreaming of an ancient world

Of poets and heroes,

journeys to the otherworld

On quests, to find,

while travelling off through space and time,

Ourselves, in realms, of dreams

Poetry and melody

like science and theology

All began and all will end in dreams

But all those worlds Iím seeking

are lost in ancient history

For all that we are knowing,

itís magic, myth and mystery

And all their souls,

are somewhere lost in space and time,

Being only in books and dreams

The history of society,

ideas of reality

All began and all will end in dreams.

Commentary: This is actually a true story.

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