Shallow Waters

I don't need to give you any reason

Why I feel the way I do

For it's my life and my freedom

And my country too

So go ahead with your preaching

But I know what's wrong and what is true

I heard it from my daddy

And my grandpappy too


For what was


And always will


It don't take imagination

It don't take a phd

To know the world ain't what we make it

It's the way it ought to be

So go ahead with your teaching

But I know what's wrong and what it true

I heard it from my daddy

And his grandpappy too


What was


And always will


Well it's been around for centuries

Why would I give it all away

For you?


So don't you give me any reason

To change the way I feel

The world's the way we see it

And I see what I believe

So keep me free from my changes

Free from your dreams

Free to build my own cages

Of my own beliefs


For what was


And always will


It's been in line for centuries

From a single point in time

Through every point in history

To where you all can go


Well you all know

Where you can go

All Right Reserved. Copyright 2015 Alan Robert Wright

Commentary: I wrote this song after getting laid off from a job in Georgia after being there for only two weeks. Engineering work is not considered by most people to be something you jump into right away and it all seemed pretty strange. I was quite angry and this song is the result. It wraps up what I would consider to be the qualities of the conservative thinker, mostly a bunch of control freaks talking about freedom. No imagination and there favorite argument is 'that is the way it is and always has been', or 'it's only natural', or 'unnatural'. Note the reference to linear thinking at the end, and the simply stupid Whig version of history, which is much less actual history and basically the praising of tradition. It all seems to add up to some paranoid emotional blockage of the brain.