The Tale Of Taliesin

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Brought from the weir on the eve of the springing

Normally bringing in wealth for the kingdom

But ‘nought was there found, only singing

Wrapped to a pole, was a leather bag, hanging

Swaying and swinging to the rhythm, of the wind

Just an ordinary find for the king.

"Well I may not be gold, and I may not be silver,

a singer of songs and a bringer of freedom"

But oh no, for all woe, was Elphin not bringing a thing for the king.

But covered up by the leather bag was a ‘radiant brow’

His name ? Taliesin. He became, no lesser than

Anything ever claimed there before


Well, in the neighboring kingdom, they 're brave and not fearing

With wiser old men in their oaken grove clearings

No bards more angelic, in England.

So who is this man and what is he saying ?

He’s bragging and boasting of his bard from the weir

They threw him in jail on his ear.

Now, Taliesin, promising his, master his freedom . Traveled to Deganwy, to join in their feasting

But all the while there, he just sat in their halls playing blerwym on his lips to the bards.

So all their songs and all their thoughts, were playing blerwym on their lips to there lords.


Then with a song of the wind, he brought a storm forward

With words and such music, engulfing their minds

And manifesting form from illusion

The words filled the air in a glorious sound

Growing and blowing and swirling around

And stirring a fear in the kings

"Oh, Taliesin, Taliesin, hold back you’re singing. "It’s easy to see that you’re songs are inspiring"

"And oh you’re music, makes you the Greatest Bard In The West"

With a song that he sang, in a sweet angel voice. he broke the chains of his master’s restraint

Freeing Elphin


This is my twist on the Taliesin story. If you’re not familiar with this story, Taliesin was a legendary Welsh bard of the fifth century (some say much, much earlier). He is the "chief of the bards" and I believe to be the patron saint of all songwriters, producing great magic with his songs. If you write songs, you should get a hold of the story, and some of his poems.

PS Like the Welsh triads? 1,2,3 1,2,3 …

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