The Tall Dark Lady Suite

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Tall dark lady with your head in your hands

can't you hear me calling your name

A practical dreamer is sitting behind

find the meaning to all that is claimed

Deep dark depression, sensitive man

holds the worlds worries in his hands

Strengthen the fingers so they could withstand

the deep, dark depression

of a sensitive man

. . .

Sun, shine, show me your seasons

of love's blind desires

The ladies they look at me

Like the rain, it falls in the sea

All being is nothing without doing

I'm lying in waiting for you

The lady with dark hidden eyes

holds her head, inside mine

. . .

My heart's in my head

My head's in my hands

A lady calls on and on

. . .

The noun, The verb

Matter, Energy

Time, Space

Gravity, Light

The body, The soul

Reason, emotion

The poet, The poem

The prophet, the Bible

The One and The All

The All and The One

And on, And on , and on, and on and on. . .

. . .

It seems like today, that you'll never find a way

And surrender

Well there's always a way, it's how you feel today

Just remember


This song is easily one of my favorites, and I continue to work on it all the time. The tall dark lady symbolizes so much not only my piano but the goddess of creation, who I believe loves the poets and has given them the gift of creativity. Also the witch ceridwin, who's magic cauldron is the source of infinite wisdom. Also maybe Mother Nature herself, and thus leads the song into the nature of the universe or the nature of our minds, where everything is considered as static objects in motion, such that one cannot exist without the other, like the One or the All are both the same in the cosmic sense.  Is God  the only truly static entity?.

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