The Angel In My Dreams

My eyes toward the heavens

My heart towards the sun

My soul it shines like starlight

My warmth has left undone


Your eyes they shine like starlight

when Your heart's towards the sky

Your warmth is calm and golden

but Your love has left you dry


For though my soul is shining

it's light is cold and gray

And though your soul is warming

the suns stay far away


So far away, in orbit

'round a hot and firey heart

Encompassing the heavens

together, more than apart

Can I be your water

Can I be your sea

Even when I'm icicles

Can you drink deep of me


My dreams have been so clumsy

like a foolish, boasting whore

Awake me from that slumber,

those blunders and closed doors


Then in the warmth of rising dawn

though not awake it seems

I saw you there, by open door

Like an Angel in my Dreams

Copyright, 2015 Alan Robert Wright