The Other Side of Town

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The grass is always greener and the streets are so much cleaner while the people seem much finer on the other side of town.

And the women are so precious in their finely woven garments as they're searching for apartments on the other side of town.

The men they are so literate, reciting smart quotations and reading all the latest books on esoteric subjects of economic substance ensuring quick efficiency, on the other side of town.

Well my friend he changed his politics, 'cause he's not sure of their religion and he's seriously considering moving to the other side of town.

And the doctors practice carefully on new found forms of surgery while the music sounds so easy for the people waiting patiently on the other side of town.

The place is full of tennis courts with high school girls in short white skirts dancing to the rhythm of the game they play so perfectly courting clean white panties, well it really makes me fancy going down to the other side of town.

And the traffic is much slower 'cause the people are contented and they've no place else to go since they're living in the best of places founded deep in God's good graces and they're constantly reminded by his many homes of service that populate the corners more than gas and service stations, that the air is so much cleaner and purer on the other side of town.

And the skies are so much bluer so you'd think the place is warmer but everything is evenly homogenized and pasteurized like cold vanilla ice cream lying dormant on the sidewalk where no-one likes to talk to people they donít know or look a little different from the normal people living on the other side of town.

And the more I think about it the less I feel excited and I've found a more enticing means of dealing with the people who believe in t.v. media, sesame street and bleeding hearts and right wing militant patriarchs and everything they feed us like McDonalds whole wheat burgers till there's nothing left but murderers and rapists, thieves and litterers that definitely don't belong on the other side of town.

I'd get back on the rainbow, for it is the only way that I know that has any color left in it and leads back to the places where the grass is so much greener and the streets are nicely cleaned up routinely on a weekly basis and take some nuclear devices so that this side could also be the other side of town.

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Commentary: This song is apolitical, it is NOT about class warfare or any other silly set of words, if anything it is about politicians who divide us one side or the other. What it is about is what it says, if I had any better words on what it is about I would have said them instead.