The Tune

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Iím playing in a high class lounge

What goes up must come down

Tune into the sound thatís all around you


All the earth is black and white

Human color-full of life

You make the day you make the night

Only you know whatís wrong, whatís right

Tune into the sound thatís all around you


You ride your white stallions in a square

And you like to watch the people stare

Youíre shouting loud a silent prayer

Ordering us to beware

We are all together

But your way, ainít my way

And their way, ainít our way

But all ways, lead one way


In harmony

Sweet harmony

One side may be black and the other may be white

but itís only in between that we see them

Would God make a sound with no-one there to hear it

the emptiness unfolds around Him

If there is no beginning and there is no end

We are all in the center of the universe

And when God makes that sound

his glorious creation

I echo in resonating harmony

Sweet harmony

Sweet harmony

All Rights Reserved: Copyright. © 2015 Alan Robert Wright