The Triumph Of The Spirit Over Man's Industrial March

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he rises like a miracle

and throws away his dreams upon the road,

he's come to know

Where the cars are all assembled

for aperiodic fervor

while the wheels forever turning


It's all the same

It's all the same


For riding round in rhythm

is the only way that pays

Enduring mediocrities,

the children of his industry

As he's going on round and round

But he knows he's gaining on the race


But overhead a cosmic cloud

lingers 'round the yearning crowd

Behind his mind

it finds a place to grace


It's the triumph of the spirit

over man's industrial march

. . .

And he feels like throwing it all away

But he sees that longing on their face

And his love guides him all the way


For the father he's a hero

A soldier for the industry

He's fighting for the freedom in his mind

Better fall in line

All the time

All in time


For riding 'round in rhythm

is the only way to raise

All his children for his industry

Returning for eternity

As he hurries on home

Better scurry on home


But as the sun goes down on him

he has his own eternity

He's sure to see there's more than meets his eye


It's the triumph of the spirit

over man's industrial march.




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