Walk On Waves

I see you there laying underneath the atmosphere

Staying to the closer ground

You see me here saying 'hey it's way too cold up there,

And there's no place to hang around'


But it's alright, hold my hand

If you don't believe it

Or you cannot feel the waves


Like an ocean, like a dream breathing life in me

Like a sailor on the sea

Take my hand from the land that's sustaining you

Walk the way I do


And walk on waves

Only believe in the love that's between us

Walk on waves

Stand in between us and you'll see the world as (waves)


I can't see myself

And all I know is the end of my own illusion

And if I know you well

It's only due to the air and the light you're moving


Moving, we are only moving

If you don't believe it, you must be leaving yourself and seeing the truth in between us.

All Right Reserved. Copyright 2015 Alan Robert Wright

Commentary: This song is about the essence of Harmonism, a better word than love, but maybe harder to grasp and thus the opening reference to my abstract way of thinking. We only see reality, which is subjective, true existence is only created by the interaction of things.