Between the earth and sky

there lie the clouds

They look down on us with ever darkening frowns

Theyíre lost, in the world they have found(ed)

Because to them the sky is ground


We canít see the light they have found(ed)

Our sight is trapped within our own sound(s)

And the ground around the clouds has founded sound

The media between the earth and sky


And when I think of words to say, they fly away from me

Oh Fly, away from me


The sea reflects the light from all high

The glorified light's magnified by eye (I)

But their waves are out-of-phase with their find

So we wonder (wander) on through corridors of mine (mind) (mines)


So when you and I, we donít see eye (I) to I (eye)

And the devil preys (prays) on all that he can find

The truth is hiding far beyond the skies

And all is mist (missed) between you and I


Real backwards is laer. Maybe I should have called this Communication Breakdown. This one is and will always be one of my favorites. Isn't poetry word play?

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