New Releases

My latest recordings are on CDBaby, Itunes and Amazon plus other sites while I try to recoup some of my expenses. They are very cheap just enough to show a little appreciation for all my work.
Solo Vocal And Keys Demos

A collection of covers and originals performed live with just me singing with my keyboards. This page also includes some original songs not elsewhere on the site. Available for clubs or parties for any occasion.
Reality TV


This is the beginning of a project that hasn't to date got off the ground. It is a collection of demo's for a new CD. However, it seems CD's aren't in vogue these days, so I am re-doing most of them as digital singles for now. Almost all tracks are Latin rhythms and the theme is reality and truth.
A Man Outstanding In His Field

My third published album in 2002 is a World Fusion CD featuring world wide ethnic musicians. The album was quite the project, over two years in the making complete with full color insert of photographs, lyrics and credits.





Alive And Alone

My third album, released around 1994 was a limited release. After Towers Of Love I wanted to produce what I could do live with a couple of keyboards and no overdubs.

These cuts are my personal favorites and demonstrate how a synthesizer should be played.

Towers Of Love And Other Short Stories


My first published album from 1986 includes the epic 30 minute track, 'Towers Of Love'. This was years before CD's and is currently out of print. I digitized the masters and put them here on the website for posterity. The music is piano, guitar, drums, MXR drum machine and mostly a Prophet 5 synthesizer, that I later learned to master as shown in my next album. I still think the songs are great and still perform some of them at my concerts. I also hope to redo towers of love, it was quite the chore the first time lining up the different movements on my old Tascam mulit-rack recorders, but with today's technology and high quality sounds it should be much smoother. The world seems more open to electronic sounds these days.